Itakane Health in collaboration with AI Health have developed a concept, called Vitalsmarts, which is a secure digital health platform that enables online access to patients medical records; pre-assessments using ML/AI;  access to a verified doctor network for online consultations; and advanced technology-based diagnostic services.

A diverse set of doctors/networks are part of the project lifecycle of this advanced value adding solution.

Our objective is to build a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all, and we are pursuing this through our medical record, patient engagement, and care coordination service offerings.  Vitalsmarts is the first fully integrated digital health platform to provide a comprehensive value-chain of health care offerings to patients and doctors.

  • Integrated and secure platform that enables:

    • online access to patient medical records, 

    • pre-assessments/self-diagnosis/symptom checker, 

    • advanced technology-based virtual diagnostic services, 

    • access to a verified doctor network for online consultations,

    • Integration into pathology, radiography, specialist referrals, etc., and

    • Safe and secure payment portals.

  • Patient Engagement Service: Reduce no-shows and stay connected through every stage of Patient visits’ with our robust digital health platform.

  • Preventative Epidemiological Risk Modelling using applied data analytics

  • National Digital Patient Platform that will enable Governments to manage Healthcare aligned to the NHIS

  • Deliver exceptional patient and provider experiences while controlling costs and maximizing productivity using the industry’s most adaptable, network-enabled suite of services that easily scale to meet patient needs.

  • Onboarding Clients’ Health Assessment – Faster Underwriting

  • On-going or Periodic Clients’ Health Assessment

  • Manage Infection Risk