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Leveraging the latest in Machine Learning, Algorithms and Cloud technologies, ReproHealth AI is a pioneer in predictive reproductive health outcomes.

Reprohealth AI is a collaboration between Itakane Health and Wits Health Consortium and R-AI.

R-AI runs detailed analytics on it’s underlying datasets in order to identify patterns, trends and to predict reproductive health outcomes based on interventions. 

The objective is to provide insights around medical procedures, medicines, interventions, treatment options and related reproductive health outcomes by using a mass market data absorption approach via the easy to use, interactive platform.

The outcomes will provide insights into the effectiveness of doctor recommended interventions, such as the impact of using results on IVF outcomes, reducing emotional stress or changes in diet just before undergoing Fertility treatments, etc. 

Our research based methodology will focus on particular groups of people including historically excluded data sets.

Data insights will be shared with all partners on the platform to study, evaluate and provide further input.