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“Data-analytical and technological approaches to prevent transmission of infectious diseases”

Pandemics are epidemics of an infectious nature, which can spread through human populations across large geographical areas and on a global scale. The catastrophic human and economic cost of pandemics and zoonotic outbreaks have exposed the vulnerability of countries and their health and other systems. 

Africa is highly vulnerable to and bears a large burden of emerging infectious diseases and endemic zoonosis.  HIV has disproportionately affected Africa.  A limitation of resources and poor and fragmented health systems contribute to an inadequate response to existing and emerging pandemics.

The negative impact on economies and human suffering has been widely studied. They affect virtually every sector of society including food production, trade, tourism, and environmental health.   

Itakane Health promotes adopting principles of ‘whole-of-society’; ‘whole-of-government’; One Health; Planetary Health; and business and operation continuity planning approaches to pandemic preparedness.  Integrated management to human health, animal health and disaster management is crucial in order to respond to pandemics or other disasters and to mitigate their social and economic consequences.  We believe that innovative data platforms and data analytics will be key in the prevention, detection and response to infection control and pandemic preparedness. 

Applying our technology to infection control can create new insights that:

  • Prevents or limits disease transmission

  • Enables faster and informed decisions

  • Identifies important trends

  • Identifies inefficiencies 

  • Improves occupational health

Preventing infections altogether instead of treating them saves both lives and money.