Doctor Analyzing X-Rays


“Harnessing the power of data to improve health and welfare”

Itakane Health’s strength lies in integrating disparate data sources; analysing live data; and providing key insights to users.

There is an overwhelming wealth of data available within the healthcare systems. Individually this data has little value, however, with the right HDS’s it can empower healthcare organisations in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Preventative epidemiological risk modelling,

  • Remote monitoring of health equipment to optimise utilisation and maintenance,

  • Improved service delivery and accuracy of patient treatment by accurately storing and sharing data between multiple healthcare organisations,

  • Improve processes, patient care and operations via enhanced data insights,

  • Quicker diagnosis based on secure sharing of patient records enables,

  • Reduction of over-prescription of procedures and tests, 

  • More secure and efficient data storage platforms.