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Data Driven Health Solutions

At Itakane Health we are aware of the correlation between technology and health outcomes. We use exponential advances in technology to continue pushing back the boundaries of disease. 

Our key differentiators include:

  • Extensive health sector industry knowledge (network of leading academics and health care practitioners), 

  • Access to industry-leading technology partners (locally and internationally), 

  • Ability to use applied data analytics to drive innovative value-adding health solutions, and

  • Pareto maximising outcomes for our clients, society and Itakane Health, i.e. we develop health-tech solutions that ‘make us better-off, while making others better-off’. 

We also understand that the health industry is dynamic and ever-changing, which is why we build our solutions with flexibility in mind, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to address our clients individual needs with the ability to adapt to evolving requirements and regulations. 


To be an international leader in health-tech innovations, which shapes the next generation of universal health principles.


Itakane Health aims to develop preventative health technology solutions by working with industry leaders to optimise integration and the interoperability of data.