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“Harnessing the power of data to improve health and welfare”

Itakane Health’s strength lies in integrating disparate data sources; analysing live data; and providing key insights to users.

There is an overwhelming wealth of data available within the healthcare systems. Individually this data has little value, however, with the right HDS’s it can empower healthcare organisations in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Preventative epidemiological risk modelling,

  • Remote monitoring of health equipment to optimise utilisation and maintenance,

  • Improved service delivery and accuracy of patient treatment by accurately storing and sharing data between multiple healthcare organisations,

  • Improve processes, patient care and operations via enhanced data insights,

  • Quicker diagnosis based on secure sharing of patient records enables,

  • Reduction of over-prescription of procedures and tests, 

  • More secure and efficient data storage platforms.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays


“Data-analytical and technological approaches to prevent transmission of infectious diseases”​

Itakane Health promotes adopting principles of ‘whole-of-society’; ‘whole-of-government’; One Health; Planetary Health; and business and operation continuity planning approaches to pandemic preparedness. Integrated management to human health, animal health and disaster management is crucial in order to respond to pandemics or other disasters and to mitigate their social and economic consequences.

We believe that innovative data platforms and data analytics will be key in the prevention, detection and response to infection control and pandemic preparedness. 

Applying our technology to infection control can create new insights that:

  • Prevents or limits disease transmission

  • Enables faster and informed decisions

  • Identifies important trends

  • Identifies inefficiencies 

  • Improves occupational health

Preventing infections altogether instead of treating them saves both lives and money. 

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"Quality healthcare for all"

Health systems in South Africa and the African Continent faces several challenges including but not limited to the funding of infrastructure, access to health services, quality of health care and efficiency of health systems.

At Itakane Health, we believe that many of the challenges facing the health system in South Africa other similar economies can be addressed by effective monitoring, measurement and data management.  Our data analytical approaches will assist policy makers to improve the full value chain of health provision in the country.

Itakane Health utilises extensive multi-disciplinary data to harness exponential technology in order to ensure that the our health system is capable of meeting the needs of a growing and vulnerable population in South Africa and ensuring access to care. 

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Data Driven Health Solutions

At Itakane Health we are aware of the correlation between technology and health outcomes. We use exponential advances in technology to continue pushing back the boundaries of disease. 

We also understand that the health industry is dynamic and ever-changing, which is why we build our solutions with flexibility in mind, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions to address our clients individual needs with the ability to adapt to evolving requirements and regulations. 





Itakane ICT is a Johannesburg-based ICT company that provides Information Technology, Consulting and Telecommunications. 

Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Data, FinTech, Internet-of-Things, Payment Platforms.


Itakane Digital is the Radio-Frequency Identification division of Itakane ICT, offering flexible solutions for various sectors.

Technology: Radio-Frequency Identification (Hardware & Software). 


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